Campers will be in “stable” groups of 10-12 that do not mix with other S&K groups on campus (or anyone else for that matter). Groups will be assigned consistent staff members, too. If siblings attend, they will be placed in the same group as each other despite any age differences. Once families select the weeks they'd like to attend they will also be able to request specific people they'd like to group who (non-family members). These groups will remain as stable as possible for the duration of camp. 

During the camp day, each group will have their own indoor space that functions as a mini-camp in terms of activities, which will allow campers the opportunity to immerse themselves into activities that are of interest to them and/or try new activities with their group. Campers and staff will have time to be outdoors as a group, but with a distance of at least 6 feet from any other group. Outdoor activities will include free play, workshops, and shows—social distancing included. We’ll also have Specials to add some spice, like mini golf or laser tag, as long as they can be sanitized between groups.