For families that registered prior to May 29th: 

Families who registered prior to May 29th were given first access to submit their requests to attend specific weeks. Be sure to check the email that is attached to your account in our system as that is where it would have been sent, including your spam folder. You need to submit the from once for each child who will attend camp (please do not submit more than once). If you have updates to a previously submitted reservation, please email us at If you did not receive the email to reserve weeks and you are certain you registered prior to May 29th, please let us know. 

For families that registered after May 29th: 

We are allowing families to reserve their weeks based on registration date. We will be working through our list of registered families as quickly as we can while also ensuring that we have enough space to support families at our camps this summer. 

For families that have not yet registered but would like to attend: 

If you know you want to join us this summer, the best next step is to purchase a single Day Pass for each child you plan to send. That reserves your place in line and we’ll reach out in a week or so to let you reserve your week(s). If your preferred weeks are closed or you end up not attending, we’ll be processing refunds automatically in September as usual.


For all groups: if you would like to request that your child(ren) be grouped with a specific friend or friends, you can fill out the group request form. As a reminder, there is no need to request siblings as they will automatically be grouped together, regardless of age.